Parenting Education Program

Educating parents on tools and techniques that can help them raise healthy, happy children

The skills parents need to succeed

Parenting can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it can also be both challenging and stressful. A parent’s role is one that requires skills and information to be successfully carried out. Often, well-intentioned but uninformed parents make decisions that can negatively impact their child and family for years to come.

Firefly Children and Family Alliance’s parenting education program equips parents with skills to deal with the many unknowns of raising a child. Our experienced and caring instructors help guide you through the developmental needs of your child, as well as strategies to effectively manage challenging behavior. Because each period of a child’s development requires certain tools and strategies, we offer different classes for specific age ranges.

Our parenting education program seeks to help adults within our community become better prepared, better-informed parents. This program is also offered in Spanish.

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