Youth Placement Services

Helping connect children and young adults with the services they need to succeed and stay safe

Improving outcomes for Indiana youth

We help connect Indiana youth and parents with the resources they need to live successfully. We provide short-term housing through our children’s shelter or longer-term treatment at the Rachel Glick Courage Center. In all cases, we’re committed to doing everything that’s required to ensure the children we serve reach the best possible outcome.

Our youth placement services are open to a range of individuals, including adults in our communities who are interested in more information about being a licensed foster parent and joining our network of caring foster families. We offer extensive training resources to current foster parents who are licensed through Firefly Children and Family Alliance. Our children’s shelter serves as a short-term facility for children in crisis, including runaway and homeless youth, and those who have been removed from their home due to abuse or neglect. Planned respite services are available for families experiencing significant challenges. The Rachel Glick Courage Center is a secure, short-term facility for youth referred through the Indiana Department of Child Services or juvenile detention.

Foster Care

Foster Care

Supporting Indiana’s foster care system by matching children in need of foster care to qualified, licensed foster families and providing high-quality case management services and training.

Children’s Shelter

Offering emergency temporary shelter to children in crisis and providing planned respite care to children whose parents are facing difficulties.

Children's Shelter