Our Classes & Trainings

Educating Indiana families, parents and individuals through a wide range of classes and trainings

Helping Hoosiers develop critical skills

Our classes and training programs provide adults with the critical knowledge they need to manage everything from parenting to effective emotional regulation. Our classes and training programs teach participants a range of skills, including how to recognize dangerous behavior, how to deal with the many challenges of raising children and how to help individuals who are experiencing mental health challenges. Whether you’re a new parent or a community member interested in developing new skills, our classes and trainings can help.

Our Classes & Trainings

Safe Sleep

Educating parents about the dangers associated with unsafe sleeping conditions and teaching them how to protect their babies

Stewards of Children

Training adults to recognize the signs of child sexual abuse and how to intervene responsibly

Community Trainings

Delivering training programs to local organizations including schools, churches, workplaces and community centers

Parenting Education

Providing parents with the tools and techniques they need to raise happy, healthy children