Providing a wide range of support services FOR ADOPTEES AND THOSE SEEKING TO ADOPT 

We recognize that every adoption is different. We stand alongside families and individuals during every stage of the adoption process, from considering whether adoption is right for your family to obtaining your adoption records. No matter where you are in your journey, Firefly Children and Family Alliance is here with you every step of the way. Let us put our decades of experience helping Indiana’s adoptive families to work for yours.

Indiana Adoption Program

Indiana Adoption Program

The Indiana Adoption Program is a statewide initiative to find loving, committed, safe, permanent families for children in foster care. Through the program, Firefly Children and Family Alliance helps recruit prospective adoptive families and match them with waiting youth. Most children in this program are over ten years old, and many are part of sibling groups, so families interested in adopting older youth or multiple children are especially needed. Every year, over 100 youth find their forever families through the Indiana Adoption Program.

Adoption Home Study

All U.S. states require that prospective adoptive parents complete an adoption home study. The adoption home study process involves a detailed assessment of the family and the home. Firefly Children and Family Alliance offers private adoption home studies for international adoptions, custody adoptions for stepparents and grandparents and private adoptions for families being matched with an expectant mother through another avenue. Adoption home studies include interviews and a thorough review of the prospective family’s background, including financial and criminal records, as well as home visits by a licensed clinician. Adoption home studies are designed to ensure that the adoptive family is well-prepared and able to provide a safe environment for the children they are adopting.

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Request A Home Study

Home Study
Adoption Records Request

Indiana Adoption Records Request

Many adult adoptees want to learn more about their birth parents. Firefly Children and Family Alliance can help these individuals submit Indiana adoption records requests and navigate the process. To be eligible to submit an adoption records request in Indiana, you must be 21 or older and your adoption must have taken place in Indiana. The Indiana State Department of Health established an adoption search and Adoption History Registry for adult adoptees, birth parents, and other birth and adoptive family members. The state’s adoption records request system is a mutual consent registry, meaning both parties must agree to exchange information. Filing with the Indiana Adoption Registry is the first step in trying to access your Indiana adoption records.

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