Our Programs & Services

Helping Hoosiers by providing a comprehensive range of programs and services

Connecting Indiana children, parents and adults with the resources they need

We know the early years of a child’s life are among the most important. But we also know that individuals will encounter struggles as they enter adulthood. Firefly Children and Family Alliance is committed to helping Indiana children, parents and adults navigate a range of challenges. Our programs and services are designed to help children, parents and adults learn, recover and thrive. From proactive child abuse prevention services to family preservation programs, we work to ensure child safety while helping families work toward long-term stability. We also provide comprehensive programming for adults suffering from trauma, abuse and addiction.

Child Abuse Prevention

Family Resource Centers

Providing a wide range of free services and programs to families in specific Indiana communities

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Child Care Development Fund

Helping parents secure affordable child care and family support services

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Community Partners for Child Safety

Preventing child abuse and neglect by connecting families with helpful resources

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Family Preservation & Reunification

Providing critical services to families in their own homes and helping children navigate challenges

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Adoption Support

Helping Hoosiers prepare for adoption and supporting those who have been adopted

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Older Youth Services

Preparing adolescents and young adults for the transition from foster care into independent adulthood

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Youth Placement

Foster Care

Assisting foster families and adults interested in becoming foster parents by providing licensing, education and training resources

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Children’s Shelter

Providing a safe, temporary shelter for Indiana children who are experiencing a crisis

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Recovery Services

Domestic Violence Services

Helping children, families and adults recover from domestic violence through counseling and advocacy

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Sexual Assault Counseling & Advocacy

Providing resources, support and treatment to sexual assault survivors and their families

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Substance Use Assessment & Treatment

Delivering assessment and treatment services to individuals suffering from substance use disorder

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Mental Health Counseling

Addressing the mental health crisis by providing affordable treatment to people suffering from a range of mental health conditions

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