Programs designed to help families and children succeed


Through our home-based services, we meet clients where they are and help them navigate their challenges. Whether the focus is on family preservation, reunification, post-adoption support or services designed to help young people transitioning from foster care to independence, we always advocate for our clients’ best interests. Through our home-based programs, we work with children and families during some of the most pivotal stages of their lives. These services, which occur primarily within the home, focus on educating and empowering individuals and families so they can build their best lives.

Our Home-Based Services

Adoption Services

Firefly Children & Family Alliance helps Hoosiers prepare for adoption and supports those who have been adopted.

Family Preservation & Reunification Services

Our family preservation and reunification services meet families where they are and help them navigate and work through their challenges.

Supporting Older Youth Transitioning from Foster Care Placement

Older youth services prepare young adults transitioning from foster care to independence.