Adoption Records Request

Helping adults search for information regarding their adoption records and family history

Through partnership with St. Elizabeth Coleman, those searching for information about their adoption and family history can receive assistance navigating the process. If you are interested in further information, please complete the form on this page. You must be 21 or older to utilize this service.

To Begin the Search Process:

The Indiana State Department of Health has established an Adoption Search/Indiana Adoption History Registry for adult adoptees and birth parents. This registry is considered a mutual consent registry, meaning that if both parties agree to exchange identifying information, the exchange will be made.  In order to be part of the registry the adult adoptee and/or birth parent files a form (known as the blue form) with the registry agreeing to the release of their information. When the state receives the form, they process the information to see if the other party in the adoption has also registered. If so, a “match” is made and it is determined that both parties have agreed to the exchange.

The Indiana State Department of Health will send the adult adoptee the name, address and phone number of the birth mother and the birth mother will also be sent the name, address and phone number of the adult adoptee. It is up to the two parties to make contact with each other.  No information can be released unless both parties have completed the blue form and registered on the adoption registry.  The Adoption Search/Indiana Adoption History Registry is a free service. Adult adoptees must be at least 21 years old to receive identifying information. Birth fathers are not allowed to use the registry unless they were legally married to the birth mother when the child was born, or they legally established paternity for the child. This Adoption Search/Indiana Adoption History Registry is just for adoptions that took place in Indiana.  Forms can be found at

If both parties have not registered to exchange information, the adoptee or the birth parent can contact their adoption agency to request a search for the other party. Most agencies charge a fee for their searches.

Adoption Records Request

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