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Kris’ Corner – Grief in Kids in Foster Care

Often when we think of grief in terms of foster care, we think of the foster parents…and maybe that’s because of the position we’re in within this triad (foster parents - foster children - biological parents). And while we should not at all diminish the grief a foster...

Kris’ Corner – Dealing with Uncertainty in a Case

In today’s post, I’m once again touching on the similar (but altogether different) vein of uncertainty…only this time I’ll be discussing what it’s like in regards to a case. As you may or may not know, when you accept a placement of a child in foster care, you never,...

Kris’ Corner – Unknown History

In my last post, I addressed that you may not know much (or any) of a child’s history prior to them coming into care. Today’s post addresses a little of the why you don’t know much, what you may be missing, and how you (and your child) can move forward in spite of...


The trend of giving donations to a favorite charity in lieu of gifts for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement, holiday or other celebratory occasion is a win-win for the honoree and the non-profit. For the philanthropically minded, the community conscious, the person who has everything, or the person who hates surprises, gifts to charity are a great option. This type of gifting is suitable to a variety of traditional situations where gift-giving is commonplace and can also be incorporated into more non-traditional gift giving situations like open houses and dinner parties. Donations can be in cash or supplies, donated to a favorite charity or a charity of the donor’s choice.


September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness month – a time when stories and resources are shared to help end stigma and help people understand how to help someone at risk. While the topic of mental health crisis and suicide is sometimes difficult to talk about, it’s essential for us to know the warning signs and what to do when someone we know may be at risk.
Teens are one of the highest at-risk groups for suicide. For this reason, parents, teachers, and caregivers all need to be equipped to support teens in crisis. Teen suicide is a growing problem and is the second leading cause of death for adolescents and young adults age 15 – 24, second only to accidents. From the years, 2007-2017, the number of suicides for young people age 10 – 24 increased at an alarming pace from 6.8 deaths per 100,000 people to 10.6.


As the summer days dwindle down, Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching. With most of us cooped up inside for the last several months, cabin fever is probably setting in strong! So, here are some tips and tricks for a safe, fun family road trip over the long weekend. 


Winter officially begins December 21, and we know you might miss some indoor and group activities you’ve enjoyed in past years. But even if you’re socially distancing to keep you and your loved ones safe, you can still find many ways to enjoy the winter season with the family.

Kris’ Corner – Your Child’s Story

More often than not, a child comes into care, and as foster parents, we know very little about their story. And depending on their age, they may know little to nothing about their own story. But…every child should be able to have their story (as much as is possible)...

Kris’ Corner – A Pause in the Action

So…here’s the thing…I love love love sharing with each of you about our foster care journey, about some of the experiences I’ve had as both a foster and adoptive parent, and about a few new things I have learned as I have gone along on this journey.    I have tapped...