Kris’ Corner – Foster Closets

October 27, 2022

We all need support in this journey of foster care…and to help us along with some of the tangible needs, there are these amazing places called “foster closets”.

Now you may not be into the process enough to know that these exist, but they can be a real life-saver for a foster and kinship parents.

Granted, foster parents DO get the $200 voucher at the beginning of a placement (if the child is new into care) and the $300 discretionary money for the year. And some money at Christmas. And we are all super-thankful for that, because it can cost some serious coin to care for a child, regardless of whether or not they are a child in care.

And yes, of course, foster parents receive the per diem, but even still…this is not always enough to cover the cost (especially with gas prices beings what they are these days!). And if you are a kinship placement, you don’t receive ANY of those financial helps…so foster closets could especially be extremely beneficial to you.

It is definitely not like we are left hanging out to dry…but sometimes the needs vastly exceed the reimbursement and that’s where foster closets step in and fill in the gap for foster and kinship families.

So all that said, I thought I’d compile a list of the foster closets in and around the Indianapolis area, to help you on this journey. I have done my best and tapped all my resources to ensure I have them all, but I realize this *may* not be a complete list…please reach out to me if I have missed one and we will do our best to rectify that!

Now…each closet has its own niche in terms of what they give but they also have different stipulations about how often you can visit the closet, requirements to receive a donation, etc.

I have done my best to give you complete, accurate and up-to-date contact information. Some of them had little (or no) information about whom, how and when they serve, so I have provided the info for you to contact as you have need. Also please note that if I could not track down a website for a closet, I have done my best to give you a current Facebook page, email address or phone number.

Resources of Hope: Dedicated to providing resources to meet the physical and emotional needs of foster youth living in Central Indiana.

Sweet Child Outfitters: by appointment only (651-295-5192). (Noblesville)

Foster1 Ministry Baptist:

Lambswear: Lambswear serves the community by providing free children’s clothing size Preemie – Y14/16 to all families with no requirements or qualifications.

Bags of Hope Indiana: Bags of Hope Indiana’s mission is to give hope to children in foster care in Central Indiana through personal belongings and personalized duffel bags.

Blended Jewels Foster Closet: (Marion, Hendricks and surrounding counties)

Hope & Olive: At Hope & Olive Ministries helps provide clothes to new placements within their church families.

Indiana Diaper Source: Indiana Diaper Source is committed to improving the physical, mental and economic well-being of families with diaper age children by providing diapers and diapering essentials to those in need.

ITOWN (Hamilton, Madison and Marion Counties)

Journey Bags of Hancock County:  They provide clothing and toiletries to children experiencing foster care and families in financial crisis. (Hancock County and surrounding counties)

Packing Hope: The mission of Packing Hope is to provide resources, support and hope to foster, kinship and adoptive families. (Boone County)

Wishing Wings: The boutique provides youth the positive experience of shopping in a consignment-like atmosphere. The setting gives kids the opportunity to make their own selections and try on clothes that fit their style and preference. There are fitting rooms available for a true shopping experience. Wishing Wings Boutique carries clothing in sizes youth 10 up to adult 3XL, to help provide for tweens and teens who are often overlooked. In addition to clothing, the boutique carries bedding, bedroom decorations, makeup items, books, sports equipment and more.

Traders Point Christian Church: This resource center helps provide items including diapers, wipes, carseats, beds, and baby gear, to help foster families.

Turn Away No Longer:  Turn Away No Longer’s mission is to positively impact the lives of children in the foster care system, primarily by fulfilling their needs as well as creating opportunities for individual growth and development. They partner with individuals, churches, companies and community partners to give much needed resources to foster youth through their Care4Kidz program and Katie’s Closet (their foster closet for Indiana children).

As I mentioned above, this may not be a complete list (especially because things are ever-changing…it may have been 100% accurate at time of publishing, but over time may require updates, additions and/or deletions.) So thank you for the grace in understanding that…and best wishes in finding additional tangible supports as you proceed along your foster journey.