Kris’ Corner – A Pause in the Action

November 4, 2021

So…here’s the thing…I love love love sharing with each of you about our foster care journey, about some of the experiences I’ve had as both a foster and adoptive parent, and about a few new things I have learned as I have gone along on this journey.   

I have tapped in to my fellow foster parent support system and shared a bit of their stories with you as well. And I hope and pray that my excitement and enthusiasm for foster care comes through in my posts. 

Additionally, I hope that my words paint a real, true and somewhat unfiltered picture of foster care…because as much as I would love to have each of you lovely readers become foster parents, I want you going into it with your eyes as wide open as they can possibly be. 

Because if it’s all sunshine and rainbows, you’ll be in for a harsh reality at some point. 

All that said…I do love writing for you each week, but also…we all need a break sometimes. Even from things we absolutely love. This might be our friends, our kids, our jobs…virtually anything.  

And for me, that includes writing a blog.  You may or may not have noticed, but I began writing at the beginning of the pandemic. Which means that I’ve been writing virtually every week for the past 18 months. 

As with many writers, things can start to feel stale or uninspired without respite, so in order to provide fresh, current topics, as well as quality writing, I need to have a little break.  

I return in January 2022. Thank you for your support, and I look forward to writing for you again soon!