DVAM Feature: Hospital Response Volunteer LeAnna

February 20, 2024

LeAnna started training as a Hospital Response volunteer with Firefly’s Survivor Advocacy team in late January. She takes several shifts per month being on-call to six local hospitals. As Marion County’s Rape Crisis Center, Firefly has advocates like LeAnna available around the clock to support survivors while they are receiving a forensic exam.

As a former medic, LeAnna saw firsthand how domestic and sexual abuse survivors didn’t always have the necessary support. She used this experience to start working as a life coach and help empower women in life and health. However, she still didn’t feel that her journey was complete and sought to find a space to advocate further.

“I found Firefly and saw the change they are making in the Indy area. I wanted to be part of that change and be able to reach out and help women who are going through one of the darkest days of their life to support, empower, and give them a voice in such a turbulent time,” LeAnna said.

Since volunteering, LeAnna says every single survivor she’s worked with has left an impact on her:

“I remember them all by name and remember their story. Not the story of how they were abused, but the story of who they are and what strong [individuals] truly look like.”

Firefly is incredibly grateful to advocates like LeAnna, for her kind-hearted nature and drive to support survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. We are honored to feature her during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 💜