Black History Month Spotlight: Tierra Ruffin, Director of Intervention Services

February 21, 2024


For Tierra Ruffin, Firefly’s Director of Intervention Services for Region 9, Black History Month holds great significance: the imparting of valuable lessons, the cultivation of knowledge, and triumph over adversity.  

Tierra openly acknowledges that it also includes moments of defeat, particularly as a single, Black woman in a leadership position. She draws strength from her faith-based foundation and finds empowerment in her family history when faced with challenges. 

“We come from a bloodline of people who triumph,” she says while reflecting on her family history that inspires her to continue building a staircase to equality.   

Tierra shares the story of her second-great grandfather who escaped slavery in Mississippi, and how she derives strength from his journey. Her mother also helped her overcome everyday challenges as a Black woman by teaching Black history at home. She now gives the same lessons to her girls.: 

“February, but also all year round, I am teaching my girls about Black history,” she says.   

Tierra serves on the DEI committee at Firefly to elevate her voice and contribute to building inclusivity within the agency. 

“Knowing here in this space, I can be my authentic self, I am heard, and I am valued. I appreciate that.” 

In moments throughout her day, Tierra reflects on a quote written on the mirror in her office: it’s always been you. She reminds herself of the ancestors who paved the way for her. 

“You’ve always embodied strength, you’ve always embodied that in the stories that are told from your family, and the generations that you are pouring into your girls. They’re going to tell their kids, so it’s going to be a continuous cycle of strength and victorious people who’ve overcome so much but are still fighting.”