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When you give to Firefly Children and Family Alliance, your donation has a direct, positive impact on our community’s most vulnerable members.

Jen, a single mom with two children, moved her family to Indiana last year from out of state, seeking a fresh start. But they found themselves struggling with homelessness and finding stable housing. They initially turned to Firefly seeking assistance to pay the family’s electricity bill. Not only did she receive funding to keep the lights on, but her Firefly case manager, Erin, was also able to help Jen find a permanent home. By providing Jen and her family the tools to get back on their feet, we were able to help place them on the path toward sustained success. Her children are now able to stay in their school and live in a home with enough space for all three of them, thanks to Erin and support from our community of donors.

Jen’s story is just one example of how your generosity can spark hope for your fellow Hoosiers. To donate, please fill out the form.