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When you give to Firefly Children & Family Alliance, your donation has a direct, positive impact on our community’s most vulnerable members.

This is Dee’s story. While it’s distressing, it’s also unfortunately all too common. Alone and scared after experiencing sexual assault inflicted by a fellow college student, she turned to us for help. We quickly connected her with a Survivor Advocate to identify people in her life who could be her support network and plan for specific ways she could ask them for assistance. Dee’s advocate also connected her to free survivor counseling with a Firefly therapist.

In the midst of everything, Dee unexpectedly lost her job. She was struggling to make ends meet. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, her advocate provided Dee with gas cards so she could still commute to her university classes while she was between jobs.

Firefly’s support has given her strength and courage. Her advocate stood by her through the university proceedings to hold her assailant accountable. “I feel more empowered to ask for what I need,” Dee shared. She has come to see herself as a survivor. Her journey toward healing will not interrupt her journey toward graduation and her goals.

Dee’s story is just one example of how your generosity can spark hope for your fellow Hoosiers. To make a donation, please use the form.